vile miles
festive 500.

so i guess i created this thing to track my progress as i do the Rapha festive 500 thing. its 500k in a week, which i think is about 310 miles or so. seeing as how i ride far too much indoors during the winter (i mean, i’m playing Playstation and reading the newspaper in between intervals), and that my weekly milage rarely tops 150 miles, i guess i’ll give it a go. i generally don’t ride my race bike at all during the winter, so the vast majority will be clocked in on my cross bike (fuji cross comp. its more of a winter training and commuter whip rather than a cross racing machine) and my fixed gear (a 05-06-ish? raleigh rush hour. probably gonna do most of it on the fixed gear. i mean, if im gonna double my weekly milage, i may as well pedal most of it. today was just a quick spin outdoors after work and then home to set up this page, put film in the camera, clean the bike off, and think where i’m going to ride tomorrow. living in the suburban sprawl isnt really the best for riding. no open country rounds like, well, the country has. and no nice parks like cities do. i do know a route or six though, and i hope everyone enjoys following me doing this (if anyone does) as much as i will riding it.